The only project that can single out Louis Gerard Saliot‘s aim of creating a harmonious relationship with the new and existing can be viewed in the Natadola Marine project. This is actually a marvel of innovative thinking and a lot more of dedication and hard work towards this project. The people in Fiji revere him and consider him as a God, and the government of Fiji has always recognized his talent and conferred various accolades as well as values his investment towards the island nation.

Most of his projects have been adjudicated the best, and even though so many awards and accolades are conferred to him, Louis Gerard Saliot is still a man, who is very humble and down-to-earth. The entire Natadola Marine project was created in the barren land, and now with the project complete, the barrens look like it was ever beautiful.

A noticeable rise in the popularity of Fiji as a tourist destination is the direct impact of his ground-breaking projects and a large scale development and employment have been provided for the Fijian people.

The people of Fiji claim the Natadola Marine project as their sole achievement and a landmark, and a lot of landowners and Fijian population has had a new lease of life and mode of earning because of Louis Gerard Saliot marvelous idea. The prime concept of Louis Gerard Saliot behind the Natadola Marine projects is nurturing the aesthetic value and maintaining the heritage that is and was prevalent in that land, and which happens to benefit the native people. Louis Gerard Saliot is known to do a lot more than just a structure, but his plans are to fuse that place with the new and the old existing symbiotically.

Years of knowledge and experience gathered, has actually helped Louis Gerard Saliot in his trysts with the tourism industry. His way of dealing with the each and every project irrespective of the magnitude of it, is just his way of giving back to the industry from experiences of his life, a life that has been filled with hardships and hard work. Louis Gerard Saliot has reached that pinnacle of success that he can either be admired for his glorious work towards the tourism industry or envied for his mass following and winning of all awards in tourism sector. You just simply cannot ignore this man, and his presence is truly inspiring to the people he has worked with.

Gerard Saliot’s work has a connection to his ethics and always inculcates the gift of fusing barren lands with the marvels that he creates. In the race for getting the awards, he stands out as an achiever that has amazed and astounded people worldwide with his work and his ethics for all projects. For an industry stagnant with only awards as a consolation for their work, he is above all competition as his work has proved time and again.